CPIM Credential

Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM)

The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program is one of the most recommended certification by employers world-wide.  The CPIM program offers in-depth education for individuals in the operations and supply chain management profession covering topics from demand management, material planning, capacity planning, supplier and customer relationship management, quality control, and continuous improvement.

Recommended Participants in the CPIM Program

It is recommended that students from the materials, procurement, planning, operations management (shop floor to supervision) and even executive management participate in the CPIM learning program.

Course Enrollment Requirements/Recommendations

The student must be at least 18 years of age with a minimum of a high school diploma.  There are no prerequisites are listed for these courses.  The certification exams are not administered by the APICS NORS Chapter, they are managed by APICS Corporate through authorized PearsonVue testing centers.

CPIM Program

The Northern Sierra Chapter of APICS (NORS) is pleased to announce the following education offerings for the APICS Instructor Led CPIM Certification Courses.The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) credential is being updated in format, not content.  The same high quality content from the legacy CPIM program is going through a course reconfiguration to two courses and exams. 

CPIM – Part 1

This course covers the basic concepts to complete the flow of materials in a supply chain from suppliers to customers in manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail industries.  This includes the fundamental relationships in the design, planning, execution, monitoring, and control that occur. 

CPIM – Part 2

This course examines the planning and execution hierarchy from high level planning to detailed shop-floor management.  Examining in greater detail the concepts presented in Part 1 of the CPIM series, this module provides a framework for planning and decision making that examines the strategies and their implications on the operations functions throughout the supply chain.

CPIM Courses

The CPIM Instructor Led Certification Courses have undergone very positive and comprehensive changes that should lead to a shorter time-period to acquire CPIM certification.  In addition, the education, guides, and materials are being prepared and distributed by the Holmes Corp, under the auspices of APICS Society.  This is the same relationship that exits with the CSCP and CLTD Certification Courseware.

For more details or to register for a class contact Lynette Lintner, VP – Education at: [email protected]  or Rick Leach Chapter President at: [email protected]

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